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Calling all Pandas   
02:05am 06/02/2007
  Hey GPT, EvilNeil is looking for you.  
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07:13am 07/01/2007
  This will be my final public entry on livejournal. From now on the only ones who will be able to see my posts are people on my friends list. If you wish to read my posts, simply add me to your livejournal friends list, or throw me a line at hatewheel(at)hotmail.com.

This is a longshot but, since it is my final post.

Lost: 1 white haired Mithra Red Mage
Goes by the name of Scykha
Last seen on the Pandemonium Server of FFXI (Final Fantasy XI)
Missing since December '05
If you find my friend, please return her.


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05:46pm 24/12/2006
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milord Earl Blaine the Inchoate of Eschaton End
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title
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The King (of Fighters) And I   
05:09am 06/12/2006
  I failed to retrieve KOF06/MI2. I want KOFXI fairly badly. The fighting gamer in me is returning to life, after a long subversion by FFXI. Breaking the chains of that game would do me so much good.

The level of detail SNK puts into the extras that come with the game, the bios, the backgrounds, the BGMs, the voice actors returning every year, etc, has made this game an immersive experience that has followed me through the years. I can think back to a KOF game and remember what was going on in my life that year, or think back to a time in the last 10 years and remember which KOF I was playing at the time. The massive roster and the personal connection I feel to the characters is what makes KOF fodder for the storyteller in me.

I've been out of full-scale writing for a long time, but even so, I've been toning and practicing my art, because I still aspire to hit #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list one day. I realized recently however, that rather than trying to produce my magnum opus out of the gate, a strategic retreat may have been a better way of going about things, and so my plan changed to one of getting myself a college degree so I could become employable, working on smaller projects as I go, to get my name out there.

At the present time I have plans for submissions to several gaming and comic book productions, and a general idea for a website to house my writings and musings, hoping that a body of well written work that shows off the power of my imagination and my mental word cruncher would help get me a job in writing, published, or otherwise funded for what I really want to do-- write novels.

Fanfiction has been a gateway for me to do that. I've been thinking a lot lately about my story, Nightmare Symbiosis, which I wrote for nearly three years off and on. I recently picked through Google results for those keywords, not clicking any links, simply staring at the small preview segments featuring my keywords under each URL. I was amazed by these small, fragmentary comments, and how positively my story is remembered, often hailed as the best or one of the best, an example to follow.

I began to realize that what I had set out to do was already in motion. My name and my writing is known, appreciated, and remembered throughout the Street Fighter and King of Fighters community. Perhaps if I factor a return to fanfiction into my plans, all the partial comments I read lamenting that I never finished that story will be nullified.

Can KOF, a game that has meant so much more to me than just the quarters I poured into it, also be a key that opens this cell I'm in?
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07:15pm 02/12/2006
  Getting hyped up about King of Fighters after a long period of not caring about fighting games. I have new KOFs to look forward to, unlike Street Fighter. KOF11 looks great, and holy shit Terry has a 10 hit Power Geyser.


The anime intro from KOF Rebout 94


Star Trek inspirational posters LOL:
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09:53pm 22/09/2006
  I love youtube. I can spend way too much time browsing videos on that site.

Sometimes I run into fanmade clips spliced together, covering anything from movies, animes, wrestling, to music vids, etc. Some are good, some are bad.

Some are hilarious.

Like I was watching a fan video by this foreign guy who speaks like no English, about the Rocky series of movies. Touching music. Nice choice of pics. A whole "Rocky remembers his past" thing going on.

Then out of nowhere, this:

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FFXI has taught me well   
12:08pm 10/09/2006
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. . .   
11:10am 08/09/2006
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FFIV GBA = win   
01:35pm 07/09/2006
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bombay TV lolz   
11:45am 04/09/2006
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RIP Steve   
02:15am 04/09/2006
mood: sad
Steve Irwin died. Hm.

As the reports came in around midnight, people were saying things like "I woulda thought it would have been to a croc or a shark, not a STINGRAY"

To be honest, the thought of him dying in some sort of accident never crossed my mind.

Although now that I think about it, people never die from stingray attacks. He was NEVER going to die to something known for being dangerous, he simply knew his shit too well; it had to have been something obscure like this to have done him in, and I guess THAT I should have seen coming.
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Who is more the robot?   
03:55pm 01/09/2006
  One amongst millions who share adoration for a thing of greatness?


One who refuses to love it simply because so many people do?

One whose path to individuality causes them to turn off their mind and their emotions?

One who proclaims their superiority by blanket disregard for anything popular-- a response that requires no thought or feeling?

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baby chocobo D:   
10:24am 29/08/2006
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04:36pm 10/08/2006
  Poor EP, you were not long for this world :P

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Ya Angon   
12:15am 10/08/2006
  I'm sure Lilyanne has covered this but

Here's me fuxing around on EPs, no food, half my gear stored in bastok. Bought angon and decided to see what it was like.

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04:23am 22/06/2006

The more I play NIN, the better I can feel myself getting at tanking, holding hate, establishing debuffs, etc. Confident enough to have my PT pull Yowie and tank it taking almost no hits the entire fight.
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07:10pm 10/06/2006
  Impulse has historically had a ton of Monks.

4 of us (Sorsis, Xalar, Takuchan, Kaska) have been getting together as MNK/WAR to challenge various foes. We killed the RDM AF3 doll, the BRD AF3 ghost, and hexspinner and orcish warlord all without incident, seemingly unstoppable.

So Avelatt (WAR) was needing Tenzen killed and we decided, yeehaw, let's do it. Added on one more MNK/WAR, with Ave just acting as photographer, and the 5 of us killed Tenzen in under 30 seconds with one fatality (seen here)

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Superior Private   
03:32am 10/06/2006
  Just got my SPC Wildcat Badge.

Sleipnir's hoofprint is currently at D-10 in Wajaom Woodlands, I believe this is the same on all servers, so for those of you FFXI players reading...spread the word.
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Warrior's Lorica got   
11:16pm 07/06/2006

Impulse decided to do a 10man Dynamis run early today. Dropped on my kill, from the Xarcabard WAR demon NM. We also got Cleric's Mitts.

Over the last 2 months I was on break from FFXI as I got deeper into my new job. I returned to find event attendance had been pretty dead, scaled back a good 35-45% from the usual. It hasn't slowed us down much though, as we continue to challenge everything with fewer and fewer people. I really enjoy the chance, it has given me the opportunity to step forward and show everyone what I can do.

Now I'm playing through Kingdom Hearts for the first time. Kinda boring storywise/characters, I don't feel an attachment to any of the characters or locales so far. The battle system is really fun on boss fights, but the mindless hordes of jobbers gets pretty annoying.
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02:41pm 26/05/2006
  My assault static just advanced to Superior Private rank, after failing the Lebros mission several times, we finally won it. Woo.

Anyway we always /random to see who will pay for the armband, high number wins.

and about a week later...

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